Are you excited about receiving your new furniture?  Imagine this…..You have found your dream furniture, it has been booked in with you, but….the delivery lorry cannot fit down your road or perhaps worse the furniture won’t fit through your doors.

How annoying! Thankfully problems such as these are the exception, however, such is the nature of delivery that these and other issues do sometimes occur.  Here at London Furniture Online we already offer free delivery to most places in the UK, but to make life even easier we have put together a few helpful hints to ensure the arrival of your stylish new furniture goes without a hitch:

Will your new furniture fit?

Before ordering it is important that you check the dimensions quoted on the product description pages to ensure your new furniture will fit into your home. Common problems include narrow doorways, awkward staircases, sharp turns within your house and shelving.

If your furniture is to be delivered via a door at the rear of the house you should also ensure that the furniture fits through any gated entryways.

Vehicle access to your house

If you think the delivery company may have a problem delivering to your address you should advise your chosen retailer in advance to enable them to arrange an alternative delivery method. By doing this you will reduce the likelihood of a delay, minimise inconvenience and prevent the additional costs associated with an unsuccessful delivery.

When thinking about access you should consider factors including narrow roadways, double parking, tight corners, low trees / cables etc. A common rule of thumb is if your bin men can get a standard sized dustbin lorry to your house then a delivery company shouldn’t encounter a problem.

Providing clear access to your chosen room

IF your product is being delivered by a specialist 2 man delivery crew they will, more than likely, place your furniture in a room of choice (normally to the first or ground floor only). To make this process smoother and to reduce the potential for damage to your valuables and/or home it is important that you ensure that the route to your chosen room is clear from obstructions including items such as ornaments, photoframes, mirrors etc.

To ensure that the route you would like the delivery crew to take is free from obstructions it is always helpful to ‘walk the course’ that they will take prior to their arrival.

Protecting your carpets and floors

The professional delivery crews visiting your home are required by law to wear protective footwear at all times, and as such they will be unable to remove their shoes when completing your delivery. Whilst they will take every step to avoid marks or damage during the delivery process we strongly advise customers to make proper provision to protect carpets and flooring.

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