More often than not the wardrobe is second only to the bed as the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom.  The comparative size of a wardrobe compared to say a bedside chest, not only means that the eye naturally gravitates towards it but also ensures that it will have an important effect on the layout of the bedroom itself.

When choosing the size and configuration of a wardrobe the choice can seem like an endless one and you maybe left wondering how on earth you will ever find the perfect match for you, your clothes and your home.  To help you along the road to wardrobe heaven the sales team at have put together a short list of things that should be considered when hunting for that ideal storage companion.

Configuration of your bedroom

It should perhaps go without saying that the size and shape of the intended home for the wardrobe should be a consideration when reviewing the choices available.  The balancing act is a fine one between successfully storing away clutter within a larger wardrobe and making your bedroom feel claustrophobic by allowing the wardrobe to completely dominate any spare space you may have. 

If your bedroom features an alcove (or two) then a freestanding wardrobe will help to create a more relaxed and individual feel than a fitted wardrobe which will invariably create a more streamlined and formal aesthetic.

For rooms with a sloped ceiling or smaller alcove then fitted wardrobes are likely to be the only solution that the area will accommodate whilst still providing a reasonable amount of storage space.  Smaller or ‘short’ wardrobes are available although of course by their very nature they offer less in the way of storage space than a fitted wardrobe would in the same area of the room.

The configuration of the intended home for the wardrobe is also important when considering the style of its doors.  For smaller rooms, sliding doors, rather than those which traditionally open outwards will help to protect precious floor area and maintain a space within which to move freely.  Smaller rooms may also benefit from wardrobes whose doors are reflective, mirrored or feature a lighter finish as these will help to reflect back light into the room thereby creating the illusion of space.

Type of clothes to be stored

The primary purpose of any wardrobe is to allow the easy and effective storage of clothes and it therefore naturally follows that considering the type of clothes you wish to store is an important consideration when reviewing the type of wardrobe which is best for you. 

If you need to store a large amount of longer dresses, coats or suits then a wardrobe which will accommodate these and features a full length hanging rail will be a must.  If you are sharing a wardrobe or have a wide variety of clothes then a wardrobe which offers a combination of both full length storage and shelving space would be more suitable.

If you are lucky enough to have the space for more than one wardrobe then you may want to split down the function of each with one holding longer clothing and the other allocated for items which can be neatly folded.

If you need to store bags or shoes then the presence of an internal shelf within the larger hanging area should also be considered, although it is important to check that this doesn’t result in longer clothes dragging on the base of the robe.

If the height of the room permits then a taller wardrobe featuring a drawer in its base can be an ideal way of storing away a wide range of items other than clothing.

Interior theme

As we have already alluded to a wardrobe is second only to a bed in terms of its impact on the overall layout of a bedroom.  The appearance of a wardrobe should not therefore be overlooked.

The material used in the construction of the wardrobe will have a fundamental impact on the aesthetic it creates.  Pine, for example, will add a more traditional, lighter feel to a room whereas Walnut will help create a dark and brooding aesthetic more suited to the contemporary interior.  Oak on the other hand can be styled a number of ways and will therefore complement a wider range of interior styles and colour ranges.

The finish of the wardrobe and its colour is also important.  A high gloss finish will attract attention and accentuate the chic look of a modern room whereas a dark stained finish will bring warmth to a wide variety of interiors. 

Lighter colours meanwhile will add an airy feel to more compact rooms whilst darker shades will help create a more intimate aesthetic in larger bedrooms.

The range of wardrobes featured on London Furniture Online is vast and includes single, double and triple wardrobes in a variety of differing styles and materials.  To inspire your search for the perfect wardrobe we have pulled together a small selection of our favourites that, for us, tick all of the boxes and are beautiful to look at, high quality and very practical too.

Minuet 3 door wardrobe

Minuet 3 door wardrobe from Julian Bowen

Minuet 3 door wardrobe from Julian Bowen

The Minuet 3 door wardrobe from Julian Bowen is an elegant storage option that will introduce a warm sophisticated look to your home. Manufactured from a durable combination of tropical hardwood and veneers this practical wardrobe is finished in beautifully warm Wenge colour that will complement a wide range of interior themes.

Attention to detail abounds in the Minuet 3 door wardrobe with a gently rounded top edge and legs, curved detailing to its bottom edge and stylish metal door and drawer handles all contributing to a luxurious aesthetic. Offering a spacious storage area behind its two main panelled doors along with a hanging rail and handy top shelf, this wardrobe offers further storage space behind its third door along with three more shelves. Three ample sized bottom drawers also feature and each is fitted with easy glide runners for smooth movement.

Milford 2 door sliding wardrobe

Milford 2 door sliding mirrored wardrobe from Caxton

Milford 2 door sliding mirrored wardrobe from Caxton

Featuring a sophisticated Pearwood style finish, bold contemporary lines and striking brushed aluminium handles the Milford 2 door sliding wardrobe is an unashamedly modern piece of furniture that will complement any contemporary themed bedroom. This wardrobe is designed and manufactured in Britain by Caxton furniture and is an excellent example of quality, reliability and outstanding value featuring as it does full height mouldings, gently rounded edges and smooth-running positive action drawers.

This wardrobe comes as standard with a hanging rail and one shelf. For added versatility it is also available with additional shelves or an additional drawer unit. 

Mirrors to the front of each sliding door add to the functional nature of this storage option.

Barcelona wardrobe

Barcelona (walnut) wardrobe from Gillmore Space

Barcelona (walnut) wardrobe from Gillmore Space

With its signature grid façade and chic chrome base the Barcelona wardrobe from leading British designers, Gillmore Space, is the designer bedroom solution for modern interiors.  Finished in a natural Walnut veneer this modern storage option incorporates an internal hanging rail, and ample sized bottom drawer.

Unlike most contemporary wardrobes on the market this design is compact in width and height making it ideal for loft living.

Westbury oak triple wardrobe with drawers

Westbury Oak triple wardrobe with drawers from Ametis

Westbury Oak triple wardrobe with drawers from Ametis

The Westbury Oak triple wardrobe with drawers from Ametis offers a unique and beautiful blend of classical rustic styling, a crisp clean finish and substantial build quality to create a fabulous look that will suit most interior themes.

Hand crafted using 100% solid high grade Oak and finished in a resilient satin lacquer, this wonderful wardrobe includes two spacious full hanging areas along with two handy drawers that feature solid Oak bases and dovetailed joints. Painted black metal handles complete the rustic styling that this triple wardrobe with drawers exudes.

Augusta single wardrobe

Augusta 1 door wardrobe from LPD

Augusta 1 door wardrobe from LPD

The Augusta single wardrobe from LPD is a classy yet simply styled piece of bedroom furniture that incorporates an eye-catching ash veneer top and trims. This superb storage option features a build quality to rival far more expensive alternatives and incorporates an integral shelf and hanging rail.

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